Herman Cain Did Not Have Harassing Relations With That Woman, Ms. White

Herman Cain receives more than twice as many texts as he sends.

Photo by Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

A couple of weeks ago, Herman Cain appeared at DePaul University and gave a young reporter at “the evidence” he’d soon unveil to debunk the 2011 sexual harassment scandal what brung him down.

The first charges that were reported, by a still-anonymous woman, “went to the [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission] and were dismissed,” Cain said.

Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference for her client, Sharon Bialek, who accused Cain of groping her over a decade ago. During that presser, Allred waved around alleged affidavits that she said corroborated her client’s story. Cain said that no one has even seen Allred’s affidavits.


Today the former presidential candidate, whose media empire is off to an invisible start, has published a comprehensive timeline of the scandal as he saw it. If you’re still wondering what Cain has to say, to debunk the story, it is that Ginger White exploited him, texted him “by a ratio of more than 2.5 to 1” than he texted her, was cruelly exploitative of the press, and did an interview with George Stephanoupolous, who had been an adviser to Bill Clinton. Also, Howard Kurtz’s the Daily Download had made fun of him, and no one read the site.

Yes, I think we’ve got the basics of this covered.