Weigel Family Represents One-Quarter of Delaware’s Obamacare Signups

The AP broke the news yesterday: In a month and change, my home state of Delaware saw four signups for Obamacare. What went unreported, because nobody cared: My younger brother appears to have been one of the four. I asked him about the experience and got a more press-release-esque response than one typically expects from a family member.

I am a 26 year old healthy male who was able to get a gold Blue Cross Blue Shield policy and a dental policy from Delta Dental through the online exchange at a savings of over $210 per month, without subsidies. I currently have policies from the same sources through COBRA that were going to expire at the end of February next year. I am a consultant and my company does not offer health insurance, so without Obamacare I would have been faced with finding an individual health policy the old way. Now I will have one with no annual or lifetime maximums and with no doubts about acceptance or future cancelation. Obamacare works for me.

Left unsaid in this spin job: Phil was born premature and had some surgery on his intestines early in his life. The sort of thing I’d assume could have been used in the old health care regime. Also, his/my father works for a company that got a waiver, exempting it from that whole “kids on your insurance until age 26” thing.