Alabama’s Tea Party Hero Wants to Come to Congress, Praise Jesus, Oppose Boehner

My friend Ben Jacobs has all the latest on the under-covered Republican primary for Congress in Alabama’s 1st District. The ability of Dean Young, a religious conservative and real estate investor, to become the “Tea Party candidate” has been another blow against the idea that the Tea Party is all about Hayek and deficits and entitlement reform. Latest evidence: Young’s call-in to Bryan Fischer’s show at the American Family Association.

Among the highlights:

- How Dean Young met “Ten Commandments judge” Roy Moore. “The day that the ACLU walked in his courtroom, I happened to be there. To this day he’s my best friend on the planet.”


- His beef with the business class: “The Chamber of Commerce last week sided with Barack Obama in wanting to give amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants in this country.”


- His dream of a first House speech: “I will stand on the floor of the House and say that we are a Christian nation, we are a Christian people.”

- His proud opposition to Speaker Boehner’s renomination in 2015: “My opponent will not say where he stands on that issue.”

- His stance on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act: “I would be against them putting that into the employment whatever you call it.”

- And what will happen if his ilk loses: “Romans Chapter One talks about the end of a nation, and we don’t need to see the end of a nation.”