The Heckler of Congressmen at the World War II Memorial Speaks Out

MK w Veteran Last week I spent a long morning walking the World War II Memorial alongside Republican members of Congress who were outraged that the park service had put up gates—and not afraid to let the media notice this! Toward the end of the morning, Texas Rep. Randy Neugebauer started berating a park service spokesman for not defying orders, and a Ph.D. student started heckling Neugebauer for not doing his job. The student, Matthew Kustenbauder, emailed me last week to report that he was still at it.

Congressman Steve King from Iowa, who visited the WWII memorial several
times yesterday was not pleased to see me again, nor would he answer any of
my questions.

While he kept coming back to the memorial for photo opportunities like a fly
drawn to shit, he refused to pose for a photo with me.  Maybe he didn’t like my sign: ‘Our Vets did their job, Congress do yours!’

But all of the WWII veterans who visited yesterday *loved* my sign.  Not one veteran or accompanying family member disagreed, and many of them, like this old soldier from the Heartland, asked if they could get a snap with me. Others paused to take photos, promising to send them to their local newspapers.

These men who fought for freedom are true heroes and American patriots. Republican Congressmen like Steve King, on the other hand, – who come down to the monument, hold press conferences, and pretend to be heroes – only dishonor the sacrifices our veterans made.  They’re the reason our national
parks are shut down, along with the rest of the federal government. They’re the reason America is the laughing stock of the world right now.

They’re a bunch of dogs, and they’re not fooling anyone, including our war veterans.
But the saga continues.