Lindsey Graham Wants Answers About Benghazi. (Repeat Headline As Needed.)

The answers went that-a-way?

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Lindsey Graham moves in cycles—an endorsement of an administration position must be followed by the condemnation of the administration’s position. I’m not saying this is cynical, only that this is how Graham works, as evidenced by the cause he restarted today. On CNN and in the Senate (in the latter case, flanked by House colleagues), Graham asked the administration to make more Benghazi witnesses available to him, or he’d block the next judicial nominee. 

Graham did not, notably, block this week’s vote on new National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Richard Griffin.* But that was the last nomination bundled in with the last filibuster deal. Completely unrelated: A new Winthrop poll in South Carolina finds that Republican voters’ approval of Graham’s job performance has tumbled 27 points since February, from 72 percent to 45 percent.

*Correction, Oct. 30, 2013: This post originally misspelled NLRB General Counsel Richard Griffin’s last name.