FreedomWorks, Hitler and Craft Beer

FreedomWorks, the libertarian group that first branded the “Tea Party” and rode the movement’s wave, has lost a number of staffers to internal warfare and coups. Dick Armey took a $8 million severance package and left; Matt Kibbe, now in control of the organization, has irritated former staffers by trying to build an image that they don’t think is ever going to take. Via Rosie Gray and McKay Coppins, we see some of these former staffers claiming that the organization’s fundraising has collapsed and that it’s taken a $1 million line of credit. Via YouTube, this news has already been Downfall’d.

My only quibble with the article or the parody is that the “craft beer” selection pre-dates the current controversy. I remember the christening of this keggerator, at a 2011 party at the new FreedomWorks offices that was crashed by Orrin Hatch, back when he was fending off a primary challenge.