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Gun Rights Advocates Hold Rally at JFK Assassination Site

This photo taken on March 13, 2010, shows the Grassy Knoll and the former Texas School Book Depository Building in Dealey Plaza, where the 1963 assasination of President John F. Kennedy took place in Dallas, Texas

Photo by MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images

Around a dozen people carrying old military rifles and AR-15s gathered at Dealey Plaza in Dallas on Saturday morning for a protest. Their purpose? To peacefully show carrying firearms is legal in Texas, according to the Dallas Morning News. Although the organizers said they were well aware of the historical significance of the site where John F. Kennedy was assassinated almost 50 years ago, they insist they chose the location because it was a high-profile space.

“It’s visible, it’s historical and the landscape is perfect for photo ops,” Brad McClain, one of the organizers, told the paper. The small protest was set to coincide with a larger rally at the Alamo in San Antonio. Overall, the protest lasted 45 minutes and when it ended the small group took their guns with them to Chipotle, where they had lunch.