Ted Cruz talks, Republicans raise money

Starting at 2:40 p.m., Sen. Ted Cruz took the Senate floor to speak against cloture on the continuing resolution. It’s not a “filibuster,” really. Unlike Sen. Rand Paul, who actually delayed for a while a vote on the nominee to run the CIA, Cruz is taking the time available before tomorrow’s vote to just talk a while. It’s not clear that he’ll run over—earlier today, when a Fox News reporter asked how long he would talk, Cruz slung a jacket over his shoulder and answered “we shall see.” So, for now, Cruz is taking up time that political committees are using to raise money.

The RNC was up first, with a “Stand With Ted” campaign that looks a lot like the old “Stand With Rand” campaign. Step one: Join an email list. Step two: ??? Step three: Defund Obamacare.

Senator Ted Cruz has taken the fight to Harry Reid and the Democrat-led Senate.  You can be sure President Obama and his liberal allies will go all out to protect this train wreck of a law.

55% of Americans disapprove of the manner in which ObamaCare is being implemented, yet Harry Reid and Senate Democrats continue to defend it, even at the expense of keeping the government running.

Then came FreedomWorks, with the similar, phone-call-based “Stand With Ted Cruz” campaign.

He needs reinforcements on the Senate floor!

The more Senators that join Ted Cruz, the better chance we have at stopping ObamaCare.

This all followed the Club for Growth’s move to key-vote the coming cloture vote, asking Republicans to vote against debating the House CR unless they get a promise that there’ll be a supermajority requirement for amending it—something that’s already been prevented by Harry Reid.