Opening Act: “For the Purpose of Combat Operations”

Lacing up his boots.

Photo by Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images

With luck, this will be the last of five consecutive days that I spend traveling somewhere. It takes a toll on productivity—though it definitely enhances one’s ability to get irate at nice-seeming old people who don’t realize what they have to take out of their khaki pockets before entering the Rapiscan. (I suppose it’s no longer called that, but what a fitting name.)

Anyway: Jamie Dupree has the Senate draft of the Syria force authorization. Here’s the ballyhooed “no boots on the ground” line:

The authority granted in section 2 does not authorize the use of the United States Armed Forces on the ground in Syria for the purpose of combat operations.

So call ‘em advisers, right? Aren’t soldiers still being sent to Iraq 10 years after combat operations ended?

Joshua Foust baits his critics by asking what, exactly, is supposed to be the outrage about American spying in friendly countries.

It’s hard to take Brazil’s protests seriously when its conduct toward its own citizens is not only similar, but actually far more violent — especially if you’re unfortunate enough to live in Rio’s dilapidated favelas.

Liz Cheney tells Wyoming Republicans that she would oppose a Syria airstrike because President Obama has taken “an amateurish approach to national security and foreign policy,” unlike the sparkling success of the administration she worked for.

Cheney filled her 90-minute speech and question-and-answer session with red meat for the conservative crowd. She compared herself to Winston Churchill standing up to Adolph Hitler and suggested members of both parties in Congress are hiding information about Obamacare from the public.

Frustratingly, for Gaffe purposes, we don’t know what she said about Churchill/Hitler, but I’ve asked!