Opening Act: De(fund)lay Obamacare!

A pack of House Republicans are finally acting on the idea smart anti-Obamacare-ians have been crying out for since early summer. Instead of defunding Obamacare outright, they want to delay it for a year—past the next election.

[I]nstead of relying on a legislative maneuver to force the Senate to vote on defunding Obamacare without risking a shutdown at the end of the month, it contains language that would actually zero out funding for the president’s signature health care law.

It could spell trouble for the Ohio Republican and other members of the leadership team as they try to come up with a strategy that won’t alienate their base but has an actual chance of passing the Senate.

Inspired by the editor of Time moving to the State Department, Erick Erickson names/shames the media figures who have joined Team Obama and sighs that conservatives can never get a fair shake. Ben Jacobs has more.

The Brazilians step up their aggression against American Internet companies in the wake of revelations that our spying agency spies on them. Wasn’t it just a few months ago that Brazil was suing Google locally to get the identities of anonymous bloggers?

The new WSJ poll suggests that the Republican strategy of complaining about everything and waiting for Democrats to fail is a sound one.

And Richard Wolffe has lots of kremlinology from the Obama campaign and its Stephanie Cutter dramas.