Opening Act: Albert Brooks Saves the World

Three days ago, the creater of Real Life and Lost in America and (more relevantly, if forgettably) Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World tweeted this:

I am eager to hear Brooks’ ideas on climate change, childhood obesity, and whether Ben Affleck will ruin the D.C. comics franchise. Syria is on board with the plan (and has been since yesterday), though we have yet to learn how full of it they are.

Charles Cooke talks to/praises the Colorado recall managers, conservatives who argue that two Democratic state senators have to go because they backed gun control. Jim Geraghty calculates that the Democrats are on track to hold one, lose one—but lots of people who made predictions like that in 2012, in Colorado, ended up yolk-faced.

John Eligon explains how Missouri’s Democratic governor seems to be winning a tax fight, which isn’t supposed to happen.

Matthew Shaer hangs out with David Miliband, the man who may have been Labour Party leader in the U.K., and definitely opens a door into an alternate universe where the Syria vote in Parliament succeeded.

This is more of a Moneybox story, but the rules committee is moving on Fed nominees today.

And the funniest story of the day concerns a young Democratic strategist who has copped the nickname of an older, more famous Democratic strategist, and started getting heat for it.