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New Yorkers Can Be Buried Alongside Pets

The Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, the oldest pet cemetery in the United States, was already allowed to bury human ashes

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

New Yorkers can now spend eternity with their pets. As long as they don’t mind that it would have to be in a pet cemetery. And being cremated rather than buried. The New York Daily News reports that new regulation would allow New York pet cemeteries to accept human cremated remains to be buried alongside pets. This change in rules was apparently the result of a two-year dispute in which a former police officer wanted to be buried alongside his Maltese pups. One cemetery was already allowed to accept human remains—the owner says he gets five or six requests a year—but that permission will now expand to all pet cemeteries across the state. On two conditions: the pet cemeteries can’t charge a fee for the human burial and they aren’t allowed to advertise human burials.

One 19-year-old Brooklyn woman expressed concern “people might think that was weird” if she wanted to be buried alongside her 2-year-old Pomeranian, but then she added that “I’d rather be buried with my dog than with my family.”