Hillary Clinton Comments, at Last, on the Topic That Is Captivating America

Swimming with sharks (figuratively).

Photo by Cris Bouroncle/AFP/Getty Images

Ruby Cramer, Aug. 31:

When the White House debated this week over the appropriate response to the chemical attack in Syria, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not release a comment. When the administration declassified an intelligence report Friday detailing the death toll — 1,429 people, including 426 children — Clinton stayed silent. And Saturday afternoon, when President Obama announced he’d “take action against Syrian regime targets,” Hillary Clinton again released no comment… Clinton’s spokesmen did not return requests for comment Saturday afternoon or Saturday evening.

Hillary Clinton (or whoever tweets for her) today, in her first tweet since Aug. 19.

Hey, we get it—the presumptive 2016 nominee and recent secretary of state does not want to step on the administration’s current policy with a statement that would be analyzed like the Torah for 1) any sign of a break with policy or 2) any sign of 2016 plans. Given that Clinton is remaining a public figure, though, and giving speeches, and created a “transition” office during her move from State to the Clinton Foundation, it comes off as a little glib to stay silent on Syria but rush to co-opt a fun human interest story.