Election Night in (Part of) America

Voters are making crucial decisions for the future of their … areas, I suppose, tonight in Boston and in Alabama. In Boston, the first open mayoral campaign in decades has drawn 12 candidates into a first-past-the-post race, with the most buzz coming from Rep. Marty Walsh.

In Alabama’s 1st District, 10 Republicans, two Democrats, and two independents are crowded into a jungle primary with the top two finishers destined for a runoff. Everyone expects Bradley Byrne, a near-miss candidate for governor in 2012, to make the runoff. Quin Hillyer, a congressional staffer turned journalist and pundit, has drawn national endorsements from the likes of Fred Barnes (who narrated his last TV ad) and Rick Santorum (who did win the state in 2012’s primary). Dean Young, an unsuccessful 2012 primary candidate for the seat, has gone on the record in support of impeaching Barack Obama.

So: One election that will determine who runs a city; one that will take another pH test of the GOP electorate.