A Republican Explains Why Delaying Obamacare for a Year Would Give Everyone Clarity

Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise clarifies some things.

Photo by Cheryl Gerber/Getty Images

The conservative Republican Study Committee is launching its own quasi-new “repeal and replace” plan today, complete with star-spangled name (the American Health Care Reform Act) and happy hashtag (#ABetterWay). RSC Chairman Rep. Steve Scalise and health care guru Rep. Phil Roe previewed the plan for a small group of reporters this morning, insisting that it was doable.

“We have a real chance of getting defund or delay of Obamacare,” insisted Scalise.

Both congressmen insisted that the health care law was so confusing that a delay talking would be “would be good for everybody, especially the president.” After Roe said that, I asked why delaying a law and prolonging the Obamacare Wars would reduce uncertainty. Wouldn’t it, you know, increase the confusion? We’re two weeks out from the start of the exchanges.

“[Delay] allows people to find what pig in the poke they bought,” explained Roe. “Right now they’re trying to figure out, What are my reporting requirements? How do I figure hours out? Get some clarity for the rule-making. It’ll also give us the chance to go out and define clearly, what they have now with current law and what they could have.” As he talking about “defining” the options, he waved the red folder that contained the new RSC plan.