Opening Act: So an NSA Director Walks Into a Hacker Conference …

On June 27, NSA chief Keith Alexander spoke at the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association’s International Cyber Symposium, where you can trust he was not heckled.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Senators and leakers keep shaming the NSA; the government keeps declassifying parts of documents. It’s a start.

The story of these 24 hours, which I’ll get back to soon, is the funny-sad failure of the House (and Senate) to inch ahead on actual spending bills. Ed O’Keefe explains it well here, Brian Beutler has a doomier take.

Related: NSA Director Keith Alexander showed up at a hacker conference in Las Vegas (which really seems like a Stephen Glass story, but isn’t) and got heckled.

Alexander was about a half hour into his talk when a 30-year-old security consultant named Jon McCoy shouted “Freedom!”

“Exactly,” responded Alexander. “We stand for freedom.”

“Bullshit!” McCoy shouted.

“Not bad,” Alexander said, as applause broke out in the crowd. “But I think what you’re saying is that in these cases, what’s the distinction, where’s the discussion and what tools do we have to stop this.”

“No, I’m saying I don’t trust you!” shouted McCoy.

“You lied to Congress. Why would people believe you’re not lying to us right now?” another voice in the crowd added.

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