Democrats in Disarray: Senate Edition

Look out, Mark Pryor. They’re coming for ya.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

We know that Republicans will keep running the House after 2014, and we know that Barack Obama will be president until he resigns in disgrace over the Benghazi scandal. All well and good. But what about the Senate? In my latest piece, I comb through the available information about the next year’s Senate map, which is slanted heavily in favor of the Republicans and would hand them two easy gains were the election held tomorrow. (Those would be in West Virginia and South Dakota.)

I say that Democrats are currently at Defcon 4 when it comes to the risk of a Senate loss. What could push them further into the panic vote? More Democrats passing on the chances to run in competitive but tough seats, a problem the party didn’t have even in 2012. And today, yet another member of Montana’s strong Democratic bench decided against a Senate race.