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A Freshman Class of Zero? 25,000 Students Fail College Entrance Exam in Liberia.

Kids in Monrovia play near a puddle on June 15, 2009 just before Day of the African Child on June 16.

Photo by GLENNA GORDON/AFP/Getty Images

In a startling moment indicating either an educational system on the ropes, or a pretty significant grading error, some 25,000 Liberian students who took the admission exam to attend the state-run University of Liberia, failed. That’s every single test taker, reports the BBC.

Liberia’s education minister told the BBC that she “had her doubts” about the veracity of the results where every single student failed the exam for the university, one of two state-run institutions in the country. But, while the education minister schedules an emergency meeting with university officials to get to the bottom of the results, the university itself doesn’t appear to be willing to start grading on a curve. One university official told the BBC that “the students lacked enthusiasm” and a spokesman for the University of Liberia said that the institution stood by the results, the BBC reports.