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Reza Aslan on Fox News’ Bias and Feeling “Really Bad” for Lauren Green

Reza Aslan may have had a pretty good idea of what to expect when he sat down with Fox News last week, but he says that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel a little badly about how his one-sided victory played out for the woman he vanquished.

“Well, look, I watch Fox News, anyone who watches Fox News knows that they have an inherent anti-Muslim bias in their reporting and has been for quite some time,” Aslan told MSNBC’s Alex Wagner. “It’s very successful for them. I don’t actually blame them for it. They’re a commercial enterprise. They know how to sell a product and, frankly, fear sells a product. I do want to say one quick thing though. Look, I feel really bad for Lauren Green. You know this, Alex, anybody on your show knows this that Lauren was sitting there being yelled at by some producer in her ear.”

Something tells me that won’t ease Green’s pain. (UPDATE: Silly me, Fox News can’t feel pain!)

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