Opening Act: The Judges Who Must Not Be Named

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is accused of sexually harassing three women.

Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

In the quest to keep an Obama nominee off the D.C. Circuit Court, Chuck Grassley claims he has letters from anonymous judges who totally agree with him that they don’t need more appointments.*

“I also asked that those who cared to respond, to do so anonymously, so they could feel free to speak candidly.” The responses do not indicate anything about the judges, including the status of the judge on the court and under which administration the judge was appointed to the bench.

Grassley reported one judge said this: “I do not believe the current caseload of the D.C. Circuit or, for that matter, the anticipated caseload in the near future, merits additional judgeships at this time. … If any more judges were added now, there wouldn’t be enough work to go around.”

North Carolina edges closer to a voter ID law.

The Bob Filner scandal in San Diego is bringing out every woman who was ever creeped out by the congressman-turned-mayor.

The president of the Human Rights Campaign sketches out strategy after the death of DOMA and Prop 8.

Rand Paul speaks out for restoring the voting rights of felons, and reducing the disparities in racial sentencing.

My conception of justice is that there have been many times in our history when we have done things unfairly to Japanese Americans, to black Americans. I still think that the justice system does not treat African Americans fairly in regard to non-violent drug crime, with regard to felonies being on your record.

Anthony Weiner reportedly jokes around with interns by calling them “Monica,” because he’s a swell guy.

And FanSince09 interviews the Iron Sheik.

*Correction, July 25, 2013: David Weigel misidentified the D.C. Circuit Court as the D.C. District Court.