Opening Act: Storm the Walmart, for Great Justice!

All your Walmart are belong to us.

Photo by Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

The first two nights of Trayvon Martin protest marches went largely peacefully, capped by a rally that swarmed Times Square. The third night was hijacked by some thugs in Los Angeles, who appeared to competing for the special “failed riot” category of the Darwin Awards.

Young vandals who entered the Wal-Mart stormed in, threw merchandise on the ground and yelled, shoppers told a Times reporter. Some tried to break open the jewelry glass displays. The disturbance in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles caused about 350 LAPD officers to swarm the area, leading to at least 13 arrests. 

Follow the link to see one genius toss a trash can at a Jack in the Box and fail to break the window. With a trash can! Hopefully the people who came into contact with the thugs end up all right.

The Democrats’ situation in Virginia looks unexpectedly strong, with Gov. Bob McDonnell’s approval rating cratering from the weight of a confusing donor scandal and Terry McAulliffe lapping Ken Cuccinelli in funds raised.

And then there’s this. Really great week for Virginia Republicans.

Speaking of fundraising! Anthony Weiner’s $800k+ fundraising haul won him lots of “unexpected comeback” headlines, but given that Weiner and his wife have spent two years cashing in on connections, it shouldn’t have shocked anyone.

Robert Draper tells the story of the Texas Democratic Party’s yearning for revival. Bad news for the many D.C. and New York reporters who had planned to expense an Austin trip this month.