Opening Act: “No. (Laughter.)’

“These damn kids today with their sexting!”

Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Nancy Jones

Olivia Nuzzi is back with more dirt from the Weiner campaign. Are you shocked to learn that his staff was caught unaware by the new scandal? No, you’re probably not, but still.

Sara Sorcher explains how an F-35 is built as a way of explaining why sequestration won’t cut long-term defense costs.

Hot new trend: Yelling “this is for Trayvon Martin” when you’re robbing a guy. (The incident in this report occured at a spot where gangs intersect with mostly-white weekend revelers.)

Isaac Chotiner is not impressed by Bob Schieffer’s morality play.

The New York Times really nails President Obama to the wall.

NYT: There were reports yesterday that you are very close to naming Larry Summers as the new Fed chairman. True?

MR. OBAMA: I have not made a final decision. I’ve narrowed it down to some extraordinarily qualified candidates.

NYT: Do you want to say who?

MR. OBAMA: No. (Laughter.)

NYT: I tried.

And two weeks before Cory Booker wins the New Jersey Democratic primary anyway, the family of Frank Lautenberg keeps trying to undercut him for the shame of exploring his bid early. It’s a fascinating story, if ultimately trivial:

Lautenberg’s anger didn’t stop several senior members of his senate or campaign staff from joining the mayor’s campaign. His former state director, Brendan Gill, was the latest to sign on this month.