Opening Act: A List Shoved in My Face

Chris Frates talks to lobbyists after the Gang of Eight told them to pony up more money for pressure on the House.

At the meeting, the senators gave out a list of about 120 House Republicans who they believe could vote for some kind of reform and told the lobbyists to target them over the August recess.

The influence class did not greet the suggestion kindly.

“To be hauled up to the Capitol to have a list shoved in my face—jeez, the thought never occurred to me that we should put a list together,” one attendee said sarcastically. “It’s of questionable benefit.”

Dave Catanese polls Iowa and finds—surprise, surprise—a tyrannosauric Hillary Clinton lead.

Jennifer Jacobs has an evocative report from Ted Cruz’s visit to the state.

Cruz lectured for 30 minutes, his voice at times rising to a shout. He answered questions for another 20 minutes, then stood at the center of a circle as pastors laid their hands on him and the whole audience – a predominantly white group with about 20 black pastors – bowed heads to pray for him.

Ian Tuttle asks why the state dug so deep into the Trayvon Martin aftermath.

Steve Moore wonders why North Carolina liberals are so angry. He sort of gets it!

A New York Times team reports from Detroit on the rising anger over the threat of shrunken pensions. National politicians are already ruling out a “bailout,” but if the Pension Guaranty Benefit Corp. steps in at some point, wouldn’t that be a bailout?

John Carlisle finds city dwellers moving from despair to despair.

And Charlie LeDuff talks about the city.

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