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Fox News Thinks Fox News Did a Great Job With That Reza Aslan Interview

The anchor is Fox News’ Shannon Bream. The guest is Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research Center and a regular guest on Fox programs. Bream gets things started with the usual “liberal media” talk, but she’s really just teeing up Bozell. It’s tough to say what quote jumps out the most, but for my money it’s his claim that Reza Azlan is not a “very good Muslim” since the Zealot author claims he was willing to look at the historical figure of Jesus Christ as an objective scholar who “just happens to be Muslim.”


Moments later, Bozell continues: “There are also all kinds of holes you can poke in this man’s very, very biased and very, very one-sided book…. He also makes the point—and this is something as a Catholic I take great offense to—he says ‘there is a very big difference between the historical Christ and what the Catholic church has done to create a mythical Christ.’ No there isn’t.”

By his own admission, Bozell can’t be both objective and a good Catholic.

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(h/t BuzzFeed’s human DVR Andrew Kaczynski)