Opening Act: Passionate About Camden

Feel the passion.

Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images

Matt Taylor, formerly a guest blogger at this site, interviews Cory Booker about his liberal enemies. Booker’s as unapologetic as ever about his defense of private equity (which, in the end, did zero “message” damage to Barack Obama’s campaign), but I was mostly entertained by his praise for N.J. powerbrokers.

“[George Norcross] is truly one of the more interesting players in the state of New Jersey,” Booker says. “He’s done a lot of good, and frankly we bonded over the fact that he really is passionate about Camden.”

Yeah, Camden is doing just great.

Rich Lowry and Bill Kristol do a Marvel Team-Up to make the cynic’s case against an immigration bill.

If Republicans take the Senate and hold the House in 2014, they will be in a much better position to pass a sensible immigration bill. At the presidential level in 2016, it would be better if Republicans won more Hispanic voters than they have in the past—but it’s most important that the party perform better among working-class and younger voters concerned about economic opportunity and upward mobility.

Yep, “just double down with the white working class” is the new coin of the realm. Note also that Lowry and Kristol posit that Republican candidates in “Arkansas, North Carolina, Iowa, Virginia, and Montana” can safely oppose the bill. In 2016 a Democrat could lose all those states, win Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico along with Ohio, and win the presidency.

The Sunlight Foundation has a worthwhile study of megadonors.

Rick Perlstein has questions for James Comey.

Alex Altman jumps onto the “Hispanic groups you haven’t heard of now oppose immigration bill” beat.

And Thomas Hegghammer will make you fret about Syria.