Watch a Reporter Get Handcuffed While Covering a Protest in North Carolina’s Capitol

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 11.42.19 AM Two weeks ago, Charlotte Observer religion reporter Tim Funk wrote a story about the arrests happening at some protests in the North Carolina capitol. For months, liberal pastors (joined by non-collared liberals) have gathered in the rotunda for “Moral Mondays,” a pretty successful campaign to shame the state’s ruling Republicans for a rapid succession of conservative bills to reject Medicaid funds, roll back early voting, etc. Some of them had been arrested, and told Funk that it was for a worthy cause.

[Robin Tanner] said it was “deeply humbling” to be arrested. As in: having your hands zip-tied behind you and then being searched, finger-printed and photographed. She and other arrestees were bused to the Wake County Detention Center, where she remained for four hours.Her court date is in July. Yes, there was some fear, she said. “But then I remembered I wasn’t there for me.”
Yesterday, Funk covered the protests in person. Guess what happened?
Observer religion reporter Tim Funk was arrested Monday at the General Assembly in Raleigh while covering the Charlotte clergy involved in the legislative protests.
Authorities said Funk, a veteran Observer reporter who covered the statehouse in the 1980s, failed to move away from a crowd of about 60 that was demonstrating and peacefully surrendering to arrest.
Luckily, courtesy of StoryOfAmerica, there’s video. Quake at the sight of the terrifying Funk in action!