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Obama Will Unveil Climate Change Plan Tuesday

President Obama announced that he will lay out the details of his long-awaited second-term plan to combat climate change on Tuesday afternoon in a speech at Georgetown University. In a web video, Obama said he will “lay out my vision for where I believe we need to go, a national plan to reduce carbon pollution, prepare our country for the impacts of climate change, and lead global efforts to fight it.” Calling it “a serious challenge,” Obama also says “it’s one uniquely suited to America’s strengths.”

Although the video was short on details, the Washington Post hears word that the president will unveil plans to cut emissions from existing power plants, which is something that environmentalists have long been demanding. He’s also expected to outline how he wants to expand the production of renewable energy on public land, reports Politico. Earlier in the week, a top White House official had said the president’s climate change agenda “will focus broadly on EPA regulations, energy efficiency and renewable power,” according to Politico