Opening Act: The Great Unskewing

The Supreme Court is going to decide our news cycle today, starting at 10. Before that …

Jack Shafer sees Pandora in the NSA’s data trove.

If unchecked, the NSA’s data collection will eventually make Jorge Borges’s idea of Library of Babel — a universal library of everything — look like a toddler’s collection of Golden Books. After all, Borges was only looking back to the beginning of time; IBM estimates that 90 percent of the data in the world has been created in the last two years, suggesting a surveillance state must expand like an exploding star just to keep up.

Reporters get spun the wrong way by the White House before the president’s climate speech, adding another data point to the “White House beat is a joke” theory.

Dean Chambers of Unskewed Polls fame analyzes the Massachusetts special election in light of the “Tea Party targeting swung the 2012 election” theory.

The conservative and Republican base, among Republican and Independent voters, is still substantially suppressed and it will take some time for Republicans and conservatives to rebuild the base on the right from the damage incurred by the IRS and Obama Regime massive suppression of political participation on the right. Without the political suppression, this is like a 50-50 race or even a 50 percent to 49 percent upset win by Gomez.

Meanwhile, the ruling Australian Labor Party overthrows the first female prime minister, who won in a party coup, and reinstalls Kevin Rudd, who’d been overthrown by her in said coup. It’s all about who polls better in this year’s election.

And Anthony Weiner hustles and takes advantage of Christine Quinn’s sagging popularity and rises to the top of the New York mayoral campaign polls. (New York has a runoff unless one candidate tops 40 percent in round one.) What’s an ideal tabloid headline? I’d say “Weiner Pops Out of Number Two Hole.”