Opening Act: “At the End of a War, You Need Some Soldiers Left, Really, Or It Looks Like You’ve Lost.’

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal speaks to members of the press after a State Dining Room meeting at the White House on Feb. 25, 2013.

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Matt Lewis explains why Bobby Jindal, who isn’t dumb, acts like he is.

There are systemic problems that plague modern parties that are out of power, and consequently, have no de facto leader. In this paradigm the inmates run the asylum. So the way to become the leader isn’t to challenge his followers, but instead, to tell them what they want to hear. Jindal’s Politico column might be interpreted as a signal that he has gotten with the program.

Well, sure, but extra points must be docked if you’re the governor of Louisiana and you mock the idea that man-made climate change is having any effect whatsoever on “wild weather.”

Brian Schweitzer possesses a healthy hatred of D.C.

Brian Schweitzer: I’m doing fine. I’m actually in Georgetown.
Roll Call: Georgetown, D.C.?
Brian Schweitzer
: No. Georgetown, D.C.? God, that places sucks. Georgetown Lake. … Come on, I don’t want that smell on me.

Gerald Walpin returns from the graveyard of forgotten scandals to accuse the Obama administration of rigging the IG system.

Isaac Chotiner ethers John Harwood for yet another Beltway “why doesn’t Obama use his charisma-rays on Republicans” piece.

And I miss James Gandolfini already.