Opening Act: #302

CHARLESTON, S.C. – I’m leaving the state before Mark Sanford’s trespassing hearing, and will put up a piece a bit later about the night Sanford transformed into a series of Bible heroes.

Delaware becomes the second-smallest state to legalize gay marriage. (Rhode Island beat ‘em to it.) With that, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and New York, I think we’ve got most of the original 13 colonies allowing gay marriage, just like the puritans would have wanted.

Bing West asks the right questions of the Defense Department about the Benghazi timeline.

Tim Murphy explains why the 3-D printed gun shouldn’t scare liberals. Here’s what fascinates me about the push to ban it – Chuck Schumer et al are trying to re-write the ban on plastic weapons, intended as an airline/metal detector safety measure, to include 3-D printed guns. Does that controversialize a bill and a law that sunsets this year but had been completely uncontroversial?

Hendrik Hertzberg reads Obama’s mind on drugs, man.

Paul Thacker brings the political science to the life of the congressional staffer.

And the case against the Great Gatsby.