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The Daily Currant Strikes Again, Dupes Drudge

A screenshot of the Drudge Report from Friday morning.

I’ll make this quick. The Daily Currant added another notch to its belt this morning when the Drudge Report briefly led its homepage with one of the satirical website’s joke-free stories. The fake report in question was about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg being refused a second pizza slice by an owner none too pleased about the mayor’s proposed ban on giant sodas. It’s a classic Currant con, one that relies on its mark wanting to believe a particular story is true. The Drudge headline, as you can see above, was an all-caps “NO PIZZA FOR YOU!”

Drudge now joins both the Washington Post and on the list of those who have fallen for the Currant’s particular brand of satire. It’s somewhat shocking that people continue to be duped by the site’s gags, particularly given how much coverage each successful con draws. Yet, here we are.

The Drudge Report, it should be noted, does not yet appear to have issued a correction or informed its readers that the story was false (as of 11:10 a.m.). The link and bolded headline have been removed from the website, and Drudge’s Twitter feed hasn’t mentioned anything about it since this tweet several hours ago:

(h/t New York magazine)