What Happened in Boston

My heart goes out to the people killed or maimed in Boston today, and to their loved ones. In a situation like this, political reporters should probably make a quiet, temporary exit from the scene. There will be political angles in the reaction to this story, because this sort of nightmare knocks everything else out of the news cycle. Gosnell? Manchin-Toomey? Immigration? They’re in the middle of the paper if they’re anywhere. They’re paused, as is any speculation about the motivation for the attack. Who has ever speculated about that and not gone on to total, moronic infamy?

No, how about some journalism, instead? Good luck to the reporters working this story on the ground.

UPDATE: From the inbox:

EVENT POSTPONED: Activists to Target NRA “K” Street Lobbyists with Coffin Deliveries in DC

There’ll be a lot of that for the time being.