What Does It Mean When Toomey/Manchin Exempt “Noncommercial” Gun Sales?

Jim Rowley and Heidi Przybyla get a few details on the the red state Dem/blue state Republican background checks compromise that might actually pass.

Toomey and Manchin were discussing a plan that would end background-check exceptions in the current law for sales over the Internet and between private parties at gun shows, according to an aide who asked to not be identified in describing the discussions. Noncommercial person-to-person sales still wouldn’t be covered, the aide said.

Same from Reuters. So, how’s that different than the bill Democrats have now? It’s all about the “person-to-person sales.” The current bill tries to define and regulate the exchanges that happen between friends and family, in a way that – totally justifiably! – spooks conservatives. Among the exceptions to the background checks:

- “bona fide gifts between spouses, between parents and their children, between siblings, or between grandparents and their grandchildren”

- “a transfer made from a decedent’s estate, 15 pursuant to a legal will or the operation of law”

- “a temporary transfer of possession that occurs between an unlicensed transferor and an unlicensed transferee, if the temporary transfer of possession occurs in the home or curtilage of the unlicensed transferor”

And so on. We’ll know more about the details at 11, when Toomey and Manchin roll this out. We won’t know more about the Cruz/Paul/Lee etc filibuster plan, because Cruz scheduled then canceled a press conference about that effort. Why? I sort of explained this last night.