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We Now Have What Appears to Be an Even Better Look at Suspect 2

Image courtesy of David Green

The world now has what appears to be its best look yet at so-called Suspect 2 thanks to a Florida man who unknowingly snapped a photo of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect in the immediate aftermath of the blasts. The original photo is above (the suspect is the white hat-clad man along the left side of the frame), and an enhanced version is below. Here’s the New York Times with the story behind it:

Shortly after finishing the Boston Marathon this week David Green, 49, was walking to meet friends when two bombs exploded in front of him as he faced east on the corner of Fairfield and Boylston Streets. He snapped a photograph with his iPhone before rushing to help those wounded. He posted it to Facebook with an account of his experiences.

On Thursday, when the Federal Bureau of Investigation released images of the two suspects in the blast, Mr. Green’s friends began to notice a figure in the bottom left corner of his picture that closely resembled one of the suspects. One posted it in a running forum, from where it went viral, and sparked a debate over its veracity.

Green told the paper that the FBI contacted him late Thursday and requested a copy. “I have spoken to several agents,” Green said, “and they have got the photos, they are picking up material from me, and I don’t think there’s any doubt.” Here’s a closer look:

And for comparison, here’s one of the original shots released by the FBI on Thursday evening:

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