Stay Golden, Golden Girl

My new story profiles Ready for Hillary PAC, the young Super PAC with the donor list and press secretary and the mission of softening up America for the Clinton restoration – for real this time. It was fun to report, and I got to spend some time with people who’ve been trying to get Hillary into the oval office since 2003. It was so fun, actually, that I was beaten narrowly to the punch by a few other, fun stories – chiefly this Ruby Cramer piece about this PAC and some pretenders. Their social media metrics look decent so far; they claim to have learned from the many, many other attempts to elevate their hero. From my piece:

In 2003, [Adam] Parkhomenko told the Post that Hillary could only win if she ran that year. Parkhomenko had an obvious personal stake in the theory, but he really gamed it out. “If a Democrat wins in 2004, Parkhomenko says, Hillary won’t run against him in 2008,” reported Mark Liebovich. “By 2012, she will be 65 years old. So 2004, he says, is Hillary’s time.”
I sent that quote to Parkhomenko and asked whether he had been young and naive, or whether he’d be right. He quickly emailed me back.
“Everyone today knows that 2016 is Hillary’s time.”
Anyway, keep reading.