Last Night’s South Carolina Debate, in 3 Minutes

For those of you who missed last night’s sole debate between former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and businesswoman Elizabeth Colbert Busch, here’s a handy video recapping the event courtesy of Slate’s Andy Bouve. Introducing the debate, the Daily Beast’s John Avlon pointed out this race is both “the most exciting and the only” congressional contest taking place. So here we are, picking over the bones.

Sanford showed class by not bringing up Colbert Busch’s famous brother once in the debate. And while Colbert Busch didn’t say the magic words “Argentina” or “Appalachian Trail” directly, she raised that specter nonetheless.

The most Google-able issue of the night was the Obama administration’s effort to dredge the port of Charleston, which you can read up on here before the election next Tuesday.