Opening Act: The Weiner Pages

The progress of a gun control bill, over its many congressional hurdles, is explained very well here by Billy House.

Anthony Weiner releases a policy manifesto, because why wouldn’t he? The rumor I heard in New York last weekend was that he was doing interviews all week and starting a borough tour on the weekend.

Joe Miller explores a Senate bid in Alaska. So, in Louisiana, establishment Republicans have succeeded in freezing out a conservative who’d blow the election. In Iowa and Alaska, not yet.

Politico is still tracking the bumbling of Progress Kentucky and its local accusers. You’d never realize that Kentucky Democrats actually do quite well in state elections–they’ve got all the major constitutional offices locked up, for example.

Jonathan Chait has some fun with conservative pundits who suddenly argue that Obama’s become unserious about stimulus spending.

James O’Keefe defends David Corn.

And Saturday Night Live derides the limits of Manchin-Toomey with acid you haven’t seen from Democrats – who are ready to pass anything.