Opening Act: Dancing Trudeau

It’s hard to get anything done besides reading vicious takes on Margaret Thatcher from the UK press. I don’t even agree with them; I just appreciate the ethos, the lack of any “too soon” namby-pambyism. Katrina Trinko has local wags speculating about a Scott Brown Senate run in New Hampshire.* Quoth a former Newt adviser:

“He would make this race probably the No. 1 Senate race in the country, and would have the money to do it. And honestly, Jeanne Shaheen is vulnerable. She’s rarely ever seen in the state. She does not have a high profile.”
In 2010, Brown got a ton of mileage out of a selective working-class bio: “I’m Scott Brown, I’m from Wrentham, and I drive a truck!” The New Hampshire version of this would be “I’m Scott Brown, I’ve got a vacation home on Ocean View in Rye, and I drive a truck!” Less evocative.
Tim Noah’s last column for TNR gets into why Republicans keep calling everything “welfare” spending.
Never mind that the common worry that long-term cash benefits will breed welfare dependency is inapplicable to most of these other low-income programs. Medicaid recipients don’t get hooked on heart bypass surgery. Pell grant recipients don’t get hooked on midterm exams.
And Justin Trudeau, son of Pierre Trudeau and likely next leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, publishes a gif of him and his wife dancing.

Correction, April 10, 2013: This post originally said Scott Brown is considering running for Senate in Massachusetts. The actual speculation is that he may run in New Hampshire.