Meet the Muslims Quoted, Cited, and Favorited by the Boston Bombing Suspects

The YouTube account belonging to “Tamerlan Tsarnaev” has held up under scrutinity, and Eli Lake has pored through the dead suspect’s favorites and likes to create a picture of his influences. There are plenty of links to sermons from Feiz Mohammad, “a former boxer of Lebanese descent who now preaches an extreme version of Sunni Islam known as Salafism,” and who, like Tamerlan, was a boxer:

In 2007 Mohammed came under fire for a series of messages that called on young Muslims to become holy warriors. Three years later, the Dutch press reported that Mohammad had called for the beheading of Gert Wilders, a Dutch politician who has compared radical Islam to Nazi ideology.

The specific videos favorited by Tamerlan, though—they’re all over the map.

And the last tweet sent, apparently, by the surviving suspect was a quote from a mufti now based in Zimbabwe.

This hour, as the Twitter account became part of the story, the mufti tweeted this.

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