Hilarious Elvis Impersonator Cleared of Charges in Ricin Letter Case

I want to apologize to Paul Kevin Curtis. Last week, in the all-hands-on-deck frenzy that followed the Boston Marathon bombing, Curtis was collared as the possible sender of a ricin-surfeited letter to Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker. Curtis happened to have an active online life that complicated a yet-more-active life as a man who impersonated 70 famous musicians, with varying degrees of accuracy. I had a laugh; I surmised that Curtis would experience a fame he had not earned in his daily life.

Well, the last part was right, but only because Curtis was innocent.

After Curtis was released Tuesday, his attorney, Christi McCoy said in an interview with CNN that she believed he had been set up by another person. That same afternoon FBI agents visited the home of Everett Dutschke, a man McCoy suggested may have framed her client earlier this week. 

Hunter Walker talked to Dutschke as the Curtis case was being dropped, and found a confused guy who’d been previously charged for child molestation. He also has an online persona that pales in comparison to Curtis’s.

But I really do apologize to Curtis. He deserves whatever fame and reward results from being caught up in this insane story.