Casualties of the Google Splash Page Wars

Lists of people saying stupid things on Twitter always feel cheap to me. They’re the Internet’s version of the “man on the street” interviews shaming ordinary people for not knowing who the vice president is. They’re also Spanish fly for traffic, and I have every confidence that Buzzfeed’s “15 People Who Think Google Is Honoring Hugo Chávez” will get more clicks and shares than anything I do today, unless I immolate myself to protest the long delay in Bunheads renewal news.

But there’s an Easter Egg in this list. The 15th schmuck, coming after @Bigbalizz77 and @rod4king, is Brett Joshpe.

Why is google commemorating Hugo Chavez…appalling.

Joshpe isn’t just some tweeter! In 2008, he co-authored a book about the Republican Party future with now-MSNBC host S.E. Cupp.

In 2009, as Cupp ascended into a TV punditry career, Joshpe helped organize the April 15 Tea Party rally in New York City. The next year, he lawyered for firefighters who wanted to block the construction of the “Ground Zero Mosque.” So he’s not just some guy with a Twitter account. He’s a smart, active conservative who actually thought Google would honor a dead socialist dictator.