Opening Act: Wonk McCarthyism

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL)

Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

Vali Naser is out with a must-read autopsy of diplomacy in Afghanistan. Short version: When the polls went south Obama looked elsewhere. But don’t settle for the short version!

Another must-read comes from Stephanie Mencimer, who looks at Florida under the rule of the Tea Party. Worth remembering: Gov. Rick Scott’s popularity has recovered as the economy’s lurched back to life.

The office of Sen. Jeff Sessions takes exception to a Jonathan Chait item. Chait responds with maximum derision.

I treated Senator Sessions’s claims far too generously. Senator Sessions’s combination of ignorance and gross lack of intellectual standards turns out to be even more horrifying than I managed to initially communicate. Calling Sessions a “wonk McCarthyite” implies a level of policy understanding on his part that is wholly unsupported by the facts.

Gov. Rick Perry is leading big in a preliminary polls for the 2014 Republican gubernatiorial primary. If he won it, then won re-election and served a full term, he’d serve for 18 years.

One of the police officers who let the Edmund Pettus Bridge disaster happen apologizes to Rep. John Lewis.

And the American Conservative Union, according to Al Cardenas, will be pushing for the Senate version of immigration reform at next weekend’s CPAC.

And Michael Grunwald engages in some #realkeeping about the origins of sequestration.