Opening Act: Super Metro

You can see the entire Super Metro map here. Hat tip: Chris Chandler. This line from a Roll Call preview of the Tom Perez battle, and the Republican stakes, perplexes me:

If they allow his nomination to go through, they risk blowback from their base.
Not much of that, right? The stakes and attention for a Labor nomination are lower than the same for a SCOTUS nomination. The Senate GOP is already standing athwart history yelling “stop” to Obama’s NLRB nominees.
Politico is a little too credulous about the opinion/news breakdown in this report. The way I read it, a Rachel Maddow segment about how the filibuster works is “opinion,” while CNN’s moronic updates about the poop cruise were “news.” (Full disclosure: I’m sometimes a guest on Rachel Maddow’s show.)
Dominican police now say that the three prostitutes who sat for media interviews about their trysts with Bob Menendez were all paid to lie.
And according to Gallup, the highest and most resilient support for America’s last wars comes from people under 30.