Opening Act: Mark Sanford!

Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford in 2009.

Photo by Davis Turner/Getty Images

The results in the primary for South Carolina’s first congressional district were ideal for former Rep. and Disgraced Governor Mark Sanford. He pulled 37 percent of the overall vote, more than twice as good as his closest three rivals combined. His opponent won’t likely be Sen. Larry Grooms, who was endorsed by stars of the state’s House delegation. It’ll be Curtis Bostic, a former Charleston city councilman largely backed by social conservatives, and it’ll only be him if/when Grooms passes on a recount. (There are around 600 votes, 0.9 percentage points, separating the two men.)

Tim Carney raises a glass to the Washington Examiner’s euthanized local reporting branch. I’ve lived in D.C. for eight years and watched two good, scoop-addicted local sites get their funding pulled. First TBD, now this.

The editor explains himself to Erik Wemple, formerly an editor of TBD.

The new entity will distinguish itself, he says, with “strong coverage of politics and government that doesn’t have what is a generally a liberal tilt in the media.” Right up the center of the road, in other words. Managing a publication with straight news and conservative opinion, he says, poses little “problem” for Smith, who has worked at Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report and the Boston Globe, among others.

“This is not some wild-eyed right-wing Web site, such as some that might come to mind,” says Smith.

Bloomberg reports on how Republicans won the House while losing the election.

AmCon looks for signs of post-Fox right-wing intelligence.