Opening Act: They’re Talkin’ About Nuclear War

This picture, taken by North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency on March 7, 2013 shows soldiers attending a rally in Pyongyang to support North Korea’s threat of a ‘pre-emptive’ nuclear strike against the US and any other aggressors as the UN Security Council prepared to adopt tough sanctions against the isolated state.

Photo by KNS/AFP/Getty Images

Ruby Cramer asks the veterans of celebrity campaigns whether Ashley Judd can become a senator. I see a conceptual problem—not every celebrity is created equal, and not every state is as inhospitable to Democrats as Kentucky—but I’m newly intrigued.

Bill Clinton’s op-ed calling for DOMA repeal was less shocking than it appeared. He’d been wringing his hands about the DOMA mistake for years now. But do read Richard Socarides’ history of the president and the law.


Warner Todd Huston’s quick take on a Tom Perez nomination gives a little hint of why Democrats would like a fight about him. They rather like the idea of Republicans rebranding while trying to block the appointment of a Latino lawyer whose crime was slowing voter ID laws.


I’m enjoying watching Nate Cohn expand his aperture from political maps to nuclear war.

Conservatives are having a lot of fun with the most liberal anti-Second Amendment Democrats. Jason Mattera grabs Jan Schakowsky and leaves the impression that all gun control bills are leading inexorably to her preferred dystopia.

How did people fall for this Paul Krugman story? He answers emailed questions pretty quickly.

And Meredith Shiner has the weird story of a senator who wants to keep his office space. He should talk to freshman Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly, whose reward for replacing the legendary Sen. Richard Lugar is being stuck in the basement hallway of Dirksen.