Opening Act: $100,000 Bullet

Jeffrey Young reports on the long-term health care costs of gun violence. They’re high.

Staffing costs are high as emergency medical technicians, nurses, radiologists, nurses, physicians, surgeons and others have to be on site 24 hours a day. Facility, equipment and supply costs add to the tab. For a patient with a gunshot wound, a single surgery followed by two days in the intensive care unit runs about $100,000.

And Suzy Khimm translates a CBO report on the economic benefits of legal gay marriage. It’s time for an expert on Unskewing to emerge and explain why these liberal ideas save money.

Jeffrey Toobin zeroes in on the Kagan-Clement moment that stunned me yesterday. What did it mean when Clement abandoned the House’s old, moralized rationale for DOMA?

Daniel Denvir explores the political power of Comcast in Philadelphia.

Deanna Pan profiles the people who train elementary school kids to survive mass shootings.

And Manu Raju breaks news of a new Republican alternative gun bill from Chuck Grassley. The Iowa senator, like Lindsey Graham, is well-positioned to come out with some half-measure that wins over the NRA and crushes the hopes of Democrats.

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