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Slate’s Gentleman Scholar is taking your questions on Reddit.

Troy Patterson
Troy Patterson

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Hello, I’m Troy Patterson. You might remember me from such works of television criticism as a snooty dismissal of Game of Thrones, a stunned review of Game Change, and many sundry appraisals of game shows; I was into Baggage way before Shoshanna Shapiro.

But there is much more to my professional life than sitting on the sofa in front of the tube. For instance, as Slate’s Gentleman Scholar, I sit in judgment of my fellow man, giving advice on a broad range of dude-related topics. (I presume that I earned the gig on the strength of old essays on bachelor parties, girl-watching, and chest hair.)

And as this magazine’s regular cocktail columnist, I sit on a barstool, talking a lot of smack about the history of the Old-Fashioned and the philosophy of the Negroni and such. My current booze project is Martini Madness—a mixographical experiment on the bracketology tip.

Join me Wednesday, March 20 at 1 p.m. ET on Reddit for a wide-ranging chat.