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Watch Stephen Colbert Break Character To Stump for His Sister at S.C. Fundraiser

Stephen Colbert the Comedy Central character may be offering his support to any one of a number of Republicans hoping to win Sen. Tim Scott’s former House seat, but Stephen Colbert the man is squarely on his sister’s side. Here’s the latter at a recent South Carolina fundraiser for Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, who is running as a Democrat in the dark red state.

Former Gov. Mark Sanford has already announced he’ll be running for the seat, and currently appears to be the front-runner. But regardless of who Colbert-Busch squares off against in the general election (assuming, of course, she snags the Democratic nomination), she’s expected to face an uphill battle given the congressional district skews heavily Republican. That said, her family connection clearly gives her an unusual advantage, and makes the race mighty hard to predict at this point.

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