Rush Limbaugh, Psychic Seer of the Boundless Future

Rush Limbaugh

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On December 9, 2011, a caller to Rush Limbaugh’s show swore that she would write in a vote for Herman Cain. Limbaugh was nonplussed:

That’s not gonna go anywhere. To advise people to write in Herman Cain, when he’s going to end up as a commentator on Fox News? I didn’t let anything out of the bag. I don’t know that. I just know the trajectory on Fox News.

Fourteen months later:

“Cain’s impressive résumé makes him a valuable addition to the Fox News and Fox Business lineup,” the network said in a statement announcing the hire. “As a political expert with business savvy, he brings an important voice to the nation’s debates.”

Advantage: Limbaugh.