Opening Act: “A Vote for Cloture is a Vote to Confirm”

Newt Gingrich attends TIME’s Person of the Year panel on November 13, 2012 in New York City.

Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for TIME

James Inhofe asks his colleagues to keep filibustering Hagel, even though they said last week that they weren’t actually filibustering him.

“Make no mistake; a vote for cloture is a vote to confirm Sen. Hagel as Secretary of Defense,” Inhofe wrote in a strongly worded letter to his Republican colleagues, several of whom have indicated in recent days that they would vote to end debate on Hagel’s nomination.

Get ready for the Day of Resistance tomorrow!

Steve Kornacki gives Newt Gingrich some credit for his criticism of Karl Rove:


“The Romney campaign decision to savage first Governor Perry and then me on immigration destroyed any chance to build a Latino-Asian appeal,” Gingrich wrote. “The Romney formula of self-deportation (which must have seemed clever when invented) led to a collapse of acceptability.”


CEI’s Hans Bader argues that sequestration will be good for the economy in the long run. This is another problem with the GOP’s “me or your lying eyes” attempt to blame the whole thing on the president. They’re the party of spending cuts. They’re supported be people who want to cut spending.

Larry Sabato ranks the 2014 governor’s races. Feels like the Allyson Schwartz-Tom Corbett race in Pennsylvania will be the main stage event.

Now Lindsey Graham’s Benghazi ask includes “drone video of the attack and e-mails on talking points.”

And a worthy White House petition:

Randall Munroe (@xkcd) has displayed the ability to explain complex topics in a wry, easily digestible fashion to millions of people 3 days/week in his web comic XKCD. As Secretary of Energy, he will be able to have an even larger platform for this purpose, and probably more importantly, the ear of the President of the United States.